Are you engaged and looking forward to having your families be part of your wedding?

In most cases family and friends are often keen to be involved, but it’s not always possible to rely on them for everything and still expect them to have the time and energy to enjoy themselves at your wedding. Sometimes it’s just easier to delegate certain jobs to professionals.

At MK Weddings, we’re happy to help you at any point of your wedding planning. We’ll start with a consultation to work out what has been done and what’s left to do so we can help you pick the planning package that suits you best.

We want you to have great memories of planning your wedding, so let us do the hard work while you can experience the excitement and the anticipation of getting married.

The benefits of our services

Avoid Stress

Booking MK Weddings will give you confidence and total peace of mind knowing that an experienced professional is organising your event. Every single detail will be expertly arranged within a planned time frame. Other than just planning the wedding schedule, we can coordinate the event on the day, so you can feel relaxed and enjoy every special moment of your wedding.

Save Money

Booking MK Weddings is not expensive at all. We can actually save you money by helping you plan and stick to your budget. We can often negotiate discounts for you from many wedding suppliers.

Save Time

There are thousands of companies offering wedding related services from cakes to cars. Many busy couples simply do not have the time to research or visit every single one. MK Weddings will save you time by researching exactly what you want for your wedding, making the bookings and confirming all the arrangements for you.

Expert Advice

We offer you advice and help on all aspects of your wedding such as important priorities, budget planning and lessons learnt from previous weddings. 

Imaginative Ideas

Fashion, fabrics, nature and textures inspire us to design each wedding. We work with expert florist, wedding decorators, caterers, cake designers, stationers, lighting engineers, photographers, videographers and other vendors. We can give you lots of imaginative ideas to make your wedding memorable and as unique as you are.

Our Approach

Purpose of a consultation:

  • To Discuss:

✓  your vision of the wedding

✓  the traditional aspects of the wedding

✓  actions you’ve already taken

✓  points you need help with & select a service with MK Weddings

  • Draw up action points and deadlines
  • Advise you on supplier selection where required

How do we source your wedding suppliers?

✓  Establish your requirements from the supplier

✓  Establish your budget, your expected styles & features of the service

✓  Contact suppliers on your behalf

✓  Short list suppliers who meet most of your requirements

✓  Arrange meetings with suppliers to see sample products/services

✓  MK Weddings planners will negotiate on your behalf

✓  Finalise contracts & manage suppliers

✓  Ensure clear communication to meet the wedding schedule and your expectations

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