Hello! I’m Abi Mahathmakanthi the founder and lead planner at London based MK Weddings.

I enjoy making the dream wedding come true for many couples who trust me in styling, planning and coordinating their wedding.


My Experience and Passion

As the passionate organiser in my circle of friends, I’ve enjoyed planning from small gatherings, and parties to large charity fundraising events and weddings.

In 2015 I started planning and coordinating weddings professionally. Now as a wedding planner with many years of experience in the Tamil wedding industry, I’ve helped many couples make their dream weddings come true, whilst making the process enjoyable for them.

I pride myself in creating personalised weddings, whilst working with my couples and their families closely so they feel involved and excited leading up to their wedding.


Nothing beats the feeling of seeing my couples and their guests enjoy every small aspect of the wedding we carefully planned and are left to create memories to cherish for rest of their lives.

Read about the experiences from couples I’ve worked with on the testimonials page.

If the offer of a good chat about your wedding over a cup of tea sounds appealing to you, then please do get in touch. Or visit my blog for tips on planning your wedding and working with a wedding planner.

With my current team of coordination assistants, I’m growing MK Weddings further. If you would like to join the team, please contact us.

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