Got engaged? What next?

So your other half has popped THE question and you’ve said YES? This must have been a long awaited event for you and your close families and friends, who have been watching your relationship flourish. Most of all, YOU must be excited about the engagement and look forward to spending quality time with your fiancé and celebrating this with your friends.

Well there’s something you might find difficult to avoid – and that’s some of your closest family members giving you their opinion on what you should do next and how quickly you should get these done to start planning your wedding – only because they’re eager to see you two getting married sooner rather than later.

Some brides like the guidance they get from their family members and go with the direction given by the parents. Lately, however, more and more brides like to enjoy the engagement and plan their wedding at their own pace. Well, It is YOUR engagement, and your loved ones will understand when you tell them that you want to take your time.

Either way, you might wonder what you can do next as a newly engaged couple:

So here are a few suggestions on how you can celebrate, enjoy and cherish your engagement leading up to the big day.

1)      Share the news

Obviously, telling your loved ones about you engagement face-to-face or over the phone is priority before updating your relationship status on Facebook. Are you a funny, creative or confident person who wants to make the engagement memorable? You and your fiancé can catch the moments you reveal the news by taking pictures of your loved ones as they react to your news. By the end of telling all your closest families and friends, you’ll have a photo collection of your friends screaming, screeching, jumping and pouncing on you.

Toasting      Celebrate your engagement

Celebrate your engagement with everyone who means a lot to you – just the way you want it. You can keep it simple and go for drinks at a nice pub or bar, invite everyone over at home or at your favourite restaurant for a meal, or do something traditional like a Tamil engagement (Nitchiya Thaartham) at home. Make it personal to you and you’ll have a fabulous time.

One of the most heart warming aspects of an engagement party is that the friends and/or families of both sides come together, and these people will see a lot more of each other as result of your future events. (Hmmm come to think of it, this also gives you a chance to set up your mates with friends of your fiancé).





3)      Identify your priorities

Every couple is different and has their own priorities. Some may find it most important to get married by a particular month/ year for personal or career related reasons. Others may find the budget or venue availability more important. So have a conversation with your fiancé, to identify your wedding priorities in the early stage, and ultimately once you’ve ticked off the top priorities, you can relax and enjoy being engaged. Leave rest of the wedding planning for 8-10 months before the wedding.

A first class - grass save the date4)      Set the Date & ‘Save the date’

It’s increasingly becoming more important, to set a date and share the date with your loved ones verbally or by handing out a ‘Save the Date’ card, to ensure they can attend the wedding. Especially if a lot of your friends/ cousins are engaged, setting your date early on can help avoid clashing with others’ weddings.

Abi - Banquetting table

5)       Venue hunting

The big, popular venues are always booked up 1-2 years in advance, so go for viewings and pencil book your top two venues to secure your dream venues so you really enjoy your engagement to the maximum.



6)      Sourcing suppliers by priority

Wedding planning can be smooth, if you book your priority suppliers early on. For example, a foody couple, may book their selected caterer immediately after booking a venue, whereas other couples may book their photographer or hair & make-up stylist to secure their top choice.

onfirefastmovement.blogspot7)      Enjoy your engagement

Right, there are lot more details you need to think about when planning your wedding, but you have plenty of time for that. Whether you’re a simple and sweet  girl, or a loud and extravagant girl, few of these suggestions might spur some ideas in your mind to have fun in the next few months:

  • Schedule a few girly nights to wind down and catch up. Remember that your bridesmaid and friends are excited for you, BUT they all have their own exciting things going on in their lives to talk about. Most importantly, get into the habit of making some time for your best friends during your wedding planning.
  • Spend quality time with both your parents and siblings by organising day trips with the future in-laws. Give both families the chance to spend more time around each other, get to know each other and make new memories to cherish.
  • Go for a weekend away with your other half, when you get the chance to be away from wedding topics and simply enjoy the present with a few treats you both truly deserve.
  • Create your biggest wish list ever – your wedding gift list. This may be time consuming but you feel very excited about your future together when you add all the things you’ll need for your new home.  House of Fraser has an impressive range of premium brands you can get for your new home.
  • If you’re planning to have an engagement photo shoot somewhere out of your hometown, use the opportunity to spend some quality time together after the shoot. Plan a few hours in the day to go to a nice restaurant, have a picnic or go for a stroll and enjoy the view.
  • Last but not least, make time for yourself – to go swimming, running, shopping, read a book, do whatever it is that you love doing in your own space and helps you unwind.


A first class - shoes save the dateMost importantly enjoy your engagement period with your fiancé. So go off and flaunt that sparkling stone on your finger while the hype is in the air!


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